Wool Soles DIY

So while it is the end of March and we are entering into spring mode, the weather still varies a lot here in Norway. If you are a cold fish like me, you would appreciate to have warm feet in these oh so cold mornings.

I wanted to share a easy way to reuse some old woolen slippers. Instead of throwing them away, this is a super easy way to reuse the material.

All you need is:

  • a pair of old woolen slippers
  • an old shoe sole in your size
  • a pair of scissors
  1. cut the slipper in two, so it lays flat on the table.
  2. lay the sole on top of the slipper, and cut around the shape
  3. blog 1.2

TADAAAA! YOU now have new woolen soles ❀

blog 1.31

Ohyeah, the shape does not always come out perfect, but no one will see that in the bottom of your shoe πŸ™‚