Pimp my Ballerina

pimp my ballerinasIn the fight against throwing more stuff I figured I wanted to en-long the lifespan of my old ballerinas. I loved them so much, and it is starting to show.  So instead of thrashing them I up-cycled them. A little bit of paint, glue, and pieces of a old iPhone cover. I have “new” and totally original ballerinas for this summer. Magic. I love saving old crap that can be used for something else, it is so cool when you can transform it into something else.  You can also do this too super easy.  With the use of old jewelry, or whatever else you might have laying around that can be used for decorations. I will share my process with you so you can do the same ❤

ChocolateIce CreamDay

What I used

  • Fabric paint
  • Textile glue
  • Masking tape
  • Sponge
  • Paint brush
  • Old pieces of a iPhone cover
  • Iron set on cotton
  • Old cotton t shirt or pillow cover

What I did

  1. I made sure the shoes where “clean enough”, then I used the masking tape to separate the sections where I wanted the paint. The inner part and the soles should be paint free.
  2. Then I mixed my color, I used fabric paint and that works best when you have fabric shoes. Use paint that works for the material your shoe is made of.
  3. Paint the shoes with a sponge not the paint brush. I used a dotting motion all over the shoe. I do not want paint stripes like the brush tend to give. When they dried I gave them a second layer.
  4. When I removed the tape I discovered that some places lacked paint.  I then used a one place
  5. Go crazy with glue and accessories.
  6. Enjoy your masterpiece ❤

I hope you enjoyed this latest pimpin. I want to post more blogs a little more frequently  as long as my health and life plays along <<<<<<<<<<3

big pic