Princess Leia move over


My buns are better than yours……

I pimped my earmuffs and they are now edible. Okay not really, but they did turn out really cute.

My earmuffs headband broke, like most things plastic. *sigh*. But instead of throwing them, I decided to fix them up. So can you easily, or you can use this as inspiration to style some earmuffs for a princess in need ❤ Old or young doesn’t matter ❤


What do you need;

  1. 1 pair of earmuffs, broken or whole 😉
  2. 1 headband (I recommend metal)
  3. Pins
  4. Lace in different sizes and color
  5. 1 sewing needle
  6. Thread to match the earmuffs
  7. Glue (that works for metal, plastic and fabric)
  8. 1 pair of scissors


1 & 2.  I started by choosing my lace. I measured the circumference of the earmuff. Then I measured the lace and added the double amount (27 cm x 2 = 54 cm). The black lace measured 6 cm in diameter, so it works great when folding it. I used my sewing machine at 4 mm and made a seam in the middle. then by just pulling one thread I fold up the fabric to 28 cm, then I placed it on the earmuff. Pinned it in place and sewed it on by hand.

3.  I repeated the procedure with a soft pink lace. But since I wanted the edge of the lace to stand more I ruffled it less than the black one, so I could get it to look more like a flower. I placed it on the earmuff and cut off the extra lace. Then pinned it in the middle of the fold in the black lace, and sewed it on by hand.

4.  Then I used a third lace in soft yellow that repeated some of the flower petal shapes in the pink lace. This lace was only 1,5 cm so I made a seam on the side of the lace that was straight. Same as with the pink lace I didn’t ruffle this one as much. Pinned it down and sewed it on.

5. Time to add the headband, before I attached it I put some glue down in the wholes. This is just to make it more durable. Then I added some stitches extra around the opening securing the headband to the muff.

6. Since the headband was used some of the paint was peeled off. I used a black permanent marker to cover that up. Then the peel marks turned invisible. JUST. LIKE. MAGIC.

Finito ❤ I saved the earmuffs from the trash and certain death.

Thx for reading. Hope you enjoyed this earmuff makeover.


Fall for the coat

FAll (2)

Due to the fact that it is actually middle of October, it is getting colder here in Norway and Winter IS coming, 4 real. Again I am a little late realizing it was time for an upgrade of the fall jacket. To be more sustainable I wanted to opt for a used option. No hunt was needed, there she was hanging at my local thrift store. A-shaped. Short length, but not to short. Big nice hoodie. Trumpet sleeves. A little abused, but still cute. Missing one button, and a couple of other loose ones. She shows clear signs of use by the pilling of the fabric. But all in all this is an easy fix.

Some of the fun with getting pre-owned clothes is that they carry stories with them. I believe this especially applies to jackets because they don’t get washed that often.  This is what I found out about the previous owner just by fixing this coat. She has long blond hair, likes trips to the woods, has petted an animal at least once, moves like a normal person, eats fish and uses toilet paper.

Fall is here!

The total time I used to get this darling in order was approx 30 min. I had an old single black and white button in the same size that I used. luckily the button lost was on the inside, so I did not really need an identical button. No need to interfere with the design, I think it looks great the way it is ❤ So I also needed to fasten two other buttons. Then I went over the whole coat with a pair of scissor, and cut off the pilling. Places to look for is under the arms, hemline, pockets, neckline and sleeves. To finish her off I went over with roll of tape to catch any hairs or loose fabric.

Fall is here! (2)

Here is some couple of things to look for when you buy a used jacket. 

-Purpose. What will you be using the jacket for? Can it work for several types of outfits? The chances for it to be used is better if it can be used with the rest of your excising wardrobe.

-Quality of the material, does it match its purpose? If it is for winter it should have some content of wool in it to keep you warm.

-Fixing. Does it need repairing? is it something you can fix your self or do you need a tailor?

I love this coat. it makes me feel like little red riding hood or one of the dark riders in lord of the rings, depending on the mood. 😂 ❤

Thx for reading. Let me know, would you dare to fall for a used jacket? (4)

Plain Jane NO more


I came across this college sweater the other day when I was out thriftin. Well hello there plain Jane (insert light bulb) lets dazzle you up ❤ And then she went home with me, cheap but clean…..

Before starting on this creative endevour I razzeld up everything I have that possibly could be used to style this sweater.

Folk & Sons (2)

Lace; can be used to create texture, by using color fabric spray. Then you get the reverse effect of the lace as a print, or sewn directly on to the sweater.

Ribbons; use along the sleeves, hemlines to create an effect. Several different types and colors can be cool together. You can also make letters or write something cursive (best sewn on by hand if you are not super skilled on a machine)

Patches; Mine where purchased on H&M. They are super easy to attach. Just Iron on ❤ It can make any piece of clothing more interesting. A tip for buying patches is on eBay. There is an insanely amount of different types. They can also be used to fix holes in your clothes, which contributes to en-long the lifespan of your clothes.

Fabric Paint; And that is what I ended up using this time. I will show you what I did.

Equipment that I used

  • Fabric paint,
  • A plate to mix,
  • 6 sponges 1 for each color (normal sponges cut in 2 works great).
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Fabric pen in black
  • Lace (not necessary)


  1. First I drew the word I wanted in the size that seemed good (height 7,5 cm and 1 cm between each letter). I did this by using a ruler and a pencil. Then a paper-knife to cut out all the letters. (A tip is to save the letters, you can use them for a “negative space” look another time 😉
  2. Then I picked my colors, magenta, blue, green, yellow, white and gold. I mixed a little white in with the colors so I could get more of a pastel look. Then I used my sponges to divide the color. I tried to blend a little in the transition of each color, but not to much. I still wanted strong colors
  3. I used a black fabric pen to outline the letters to get a bigger contrast and make them more visible on the sweater.
  4. Since there was lacking some gold stars. I had to draw and cut out some stars to make the magic come
  5. Playing a hard sleeve game. So this was fun. Its like making a painting on the sweater, but not that complicated. I used a lace and a sponge  with blue with the intention to get the pattern of the lace. But it didn’t work as well as I hoped (I think spray paint works better), but anyhow it left some interesting patterns. Then I let it dry a little before I continued with the other colors, doing the same as I did with the letters, blending a little in-between the colors. You can say the sleeves is kind of nebula inspired. After it all dried, I drew on the words BELIEVE and IN, so when you cross your arms you really do BELIEVE IN MAGIC.
  6. Last step was to fixate the paint and iron down the unicorn patch. The paint had to be ironed in the back for 5 min on the setting cotton. The same with the patch, except it needed ironing on the front as well covered with a moist cloth. (2)

TADAA. The result!! Unique as a unicorn ❤ And magic to last me a lifetime (maybe not that long, but who is counting) Thrifted, one of a kind, stylish, and just a little more sustainable. Every little deed counts for something. I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe you feel inspired to vomit rainbows with me. Please share if you do 😉 ❤ (3)