Princess Leia move over


My buns are better than yours……

I pimped my earmuffs and they are now edible. Okay not really, but they did turn out really cute.

My earmuffs headband broke, like most things plastic. *sigh*. But instead of throwing them, I decided to fix them up. So can you easily, or you can use this as inspiration to style some earmuffs for a princess in need ❤ Old or young doesn’t matter ❤


What do you need;

  1. 1 pair of earmuffs, broken or whole 😉
  2. 1 headband (I recommend metal)
  3. Pins
  4. Lace in different sizes and color
  5. 1 sewing needle
  6. Thread to match the earmuffs
  7. Glue (that works for metal, plastic and fabric)
  8. 1 pair of scissors


1 & 2.  I started by choosing my lace. I measured the circumference of the earmuff. Then I measured the lace and added the double amount (27 cm x 2 = 54 cm). The black lace measured 6 cm in diameter, so it works great when folding it. I used my sewing machine at 4 mm and made a seam in the middle. then by just pulling one thread I fold up the fabric to 28 cm, then I placed it on the earmuff. Pinned it in place and sewed it on by hand.

3.  I repeated the procedure with a soft pink lace. But since I wanted the edge of the lace to stand more I ruffled it less than the black one, so I could get it to look more like a flower. I placed it on the earmuff and cut off the extra lace. Then pinned it in the middle of the fold in the black lace, and sewed it on by hand.

4.  Then I used a third lace in soft yellow that repeated some of the flower petal shapes in the pink lace. This lace was only 1,5 cm so I made a seam on the side of the lace that was straight. Same as with the pink lace I didn’t ruffle this one as much. Pinned it down and sewed it on.

5. Time to add the headband, before I attached it I put some glue down in the wholes. This is just to make it more durable. Then I added some stitches extra around the opening securing the headband to the muff.

6. Since the headband was used some of the paint was peeled off. I used a black permanent marker to cover that up. Then the peel marks turned invisible. JUST. LIKE. MAGIC.

Finito ❤ I saved the earmuffs from the trash and certain death.

Thx for reading. Hope you enjoyed this earmuff makeover.


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