Keto Gelo Berry

When days are blue and so are you, the candy need sometimes get overwhelming. So the trick is to not cave in to the sugary things in the shopping ile. πŸ’œ Then it is great to have other options like this that is gut strengthening, blood sugar friendly, that tastes good and have all natural ingredients. Whut? Yeah I know. IT IS POSSIBLE πŸ’œ

What you need

  • 0,5 tsp organic vanilla
  • 0,5 tsp organic liqrish root powder
  • 30 drops of liquid stevia
  • 4 teaspoons organic gelatin
  • 150 ml coconut cream or milk
  • 1 cup of frozen rasberries
  • 2 spoons of organic butter
  • 2 silicon candy shapes

Heat the coconut cream. Mix in the butter and the gelatin. Let it sit for 5 min for the gelatin to melt.

Slowly melt rasberries in another pot. Blend or smash it. If you don’t like the stones then strain it so you are left with just the liquid. If you strain it I would add 1/2 cup more of rasberries. I do leave the stones but that is becouse I am sugar intolerant and keeping the stones leave some fiber so it goes slower through the digestive system 😊

Mix the cocnutcream and raspberry liquid into one and pour into silicon shapes. Leave it in the fridge for 1-2 hours until solid. πŸ’œ yumyum and good for the tum.

For some exciting variations, switch rasberries for blueberries or mix with melted chocolate.

The mending way

I try to fix things before I buy new stuff. This is good for the planet and good for the wallet. By enhancing the lifespan of a product we create less trash ❀

I have a very active 5 year old boy that ruins clothes and shoes in record speed. Seriously. This time it was his sandals that we now use as indoor slippers in kindergarten.

I will just show you a easy fix I did for this.

The velcro got broken, just totally worn down. I could change the velcro with a new one, but that is a lot of work becouse I would have to change both sides of the velcro. (Did I mention that I am lazy) Instead it’s much easier to just add a snap button ❀ and still easy enough for a 5 year old to put on, and will be solid enough for more action

What I used for the fix (old metal snaps from my grandmother), thick thread (jeans thread), needle, sissors and a thimble.

To be able to sew through leather or fake leather it’s so important to have a thicker sewing needle and metal thimble. First I trimmed the velcro down, especially where the snap button was going to be placed. Then I sewed it on and used the thimble to force the needle through the leather. Sewing each point of the metal snaps 3 times and fastening the thread several times before cutting it in the end. Very easy and done in just 30 min.

Looks pretty enough on the outside right? Inside not so much. But you know? My 5 year old doesn’t care, and the point that I actually mended it prevails the beauty of my stitches. I think many of us don’t try to mend becouse of the fear that it is going to look perfect. There is a lot of beauty and history in the imperfect. Another thing is that no-one will evver notice your crooked stitches. Feel proud of your mending, becouse you used of your time and you actually did it ❀ I do! Would you give mending a try?