Art Therapy

How are you dealing with this Coronavirus times lockdown? Are you bored? Feeling overwhealmed, scared? Many emotions may come up when facing a global pandemic and they are all perfectly normal, allowed to have, and totally understandable. However, we have to find ways to deal with our own emotions, hard to run from them now right? πŸ˜‚ Its a great opputunity to get to know ourselves better ❀

I belive that in this times we need to do everything we can to strengthen our natural defences. Eat healthy organic food, connect with nature, get a lot of sunshine, exsercise, medtitate, learn something new, take a beat and breath it out. Do not read news more than 1-2 times a day. Keep the connection with your loved ones by phone or facetime. Remember WHY we are doing this, and that everything will pass soon enough ❀

Another thing that can help dealing with emotions is doing some art. Art used as part of therapy can help manage behaviours, process feelings, reduce stress and anixity, and increase self esteem. Creating art also stimulates the relese of dopamine. (I think we all need some of that about now)

There seems to be a great connection between the expression of art in some form and a better immune system.

Of course if you do have the need for therapy creating art is not a substitute for a psychologist but it can be a helpful addition.

For me it definitely brings a sense of calm in the middle of the storm. For you people home with school kids and partners you know what storm I am talking about πŸ˜‰

Here is 2 coloring pages I created, and I just wanted to share with you, Working with colors can ceartantly lift your spirit ❀

Lets stick indoors together and keep on sharing inspiration with eachother. ❀