Fashion vs Personal Style

Right at this time fashion weeks are roaring through the fashion capitols of the world. Have you lost your passion for fashion yet?

Now that we have entered 2020 I want to dare to ask the question, do we really need fashion at all? 

Fashion is per definition in the dictionary «a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.»

Fast fashion is a concept supported by the companies that wants you to buy more and more to ensure continuous finacial growth. It is designed so it can keep us coming back for more. A lot of it is made of bad quality fabrics, seasonal trend colors, cuts, volumes, patterns and prints. It’s all made so you have to change your whole wardrobe frequently. Fashion also gets to decide who is HOT and who is NOT. It’s how we can separate the rich from the poor. The cool from the uncool. 

We need to start talking less about what is in fashion and more about personal style. We are all responsible for saving our planet, and to ensure our children have future. Now is time we clean up the mess, and start making changes. The way we think, behave and spend our money can make a huge difference. 

It is predicted that second hand shopping will grow and make up to 1/3 of the closet within 10 years.

This also means that people will become more creative with their clothing, reusing what they have, altering, redesinging, repearing and swapping. Building a wardrobe instead of throwing half the closet every season. 

The shift can start as soon as we start having a conversation about personal style instead of what is in fashion. 

This is a shirt I got from Fornebu Gjenbruk, a great local thriftstore. It has my colors, and is perfectly fitted my shape. I had a lot of fun redesigning it.

To me it is important to focus on the solutions rather than keep repeating the same problems. I belive if we switch our mindset from fashion to style we actually have a solution.

Style is defined as «a particular of doing or saying something, or refers to a unique form of clothing or way of arranging your appearance. An example of style is the way a person expresses themselves using what they are wearing.»

By switching our mindset from fashion to personal style, we will use our clothes much longer and only purchase new items when we really need them. (Insert quality items). But only when we start valuing our clothes and the work that goes into making then will we see a real and lasting change. (Try making a piece of clothing for yourself). That means purchasing quality clothes that can last for generations. Loving our clothes. We need to bring back the mentality from our grandparents. Take care of our clothes, reuse what you already have, and when its broken mend or redesign it. I belive there used to be a lot more pride in a personal collection of clothes, filled with quality items. Your grandparents had worked very hard to purchase their clothes or even made them their selves. Inheriting something like a quality dress or a suit could be seen as a big deal and a real honour.

I absolutely love this picture. It went viral some years ago, This is an interview with some school kids about the fact that we that don’t have school uniforms here in Norway. The kids are very sceptic to the consept of school uniforms, becouse then they couldn’t keep their personal style.

The creativity to updress clothes for festiveties was usually based around one dress or a suit, and using styling and acessories to make it more festive. Attatching removable collars and cuffs to dress up an everyday outfit. Using Belts, neclases, scarves, ribbons to spice it up. Repurpousing an old piece of clothing, like the wedding dress by redesigning it and dying it black. Then it could be used as a mourning dress 🖤

My grandparents did take care of their clothes because resourses where little. I believe we should do the same to save our planet and reduse our own footprint. 🌍 Some say that this environmental caring is just a trend and will pass soon. But I don’t think caring for our earth is a trend. Its brought on by deep care and concern. If we act now, we can actually make a change.

Personal style is something that doesn’t depend on what season we are in and what someone decides is considered fashion now. It is based on who you feel inside as a person and how you want to portray yourself. It is art, it is beauty.

When we start to develop a personal style, it is easier to create a wardrobe that will last you for years. That would be the base of a sustainable wardrobe for the 2020´s.

The mending way

I try to fix things before I buy new stuff. This is good for the planet and good for the wallet. By enhancing the lifespan of a product we create less trash ❤

I have a very active 5 year old boy that ruins clothes and shoes in record speed. Seriously. This time it was his sandals that we now use as indoor slippers in kindergarten.

I will just show you a easy fix I did for this.

The velcro got broken, just totally worn down. I could change the velcro with a new one, but that is a lot of work becouse I would have to change both sides of the velcro. (Did I mention that I am lazy) Instead it’s much easier to just add a snap button ❤ and still easy enough for a 5 year old to put on, and will be solid enough for more action

What I used for the fix (old metal snaps from my grandmother), thick thread (jeans thread), needle, sissors and a thimble.

To be able to sew through leather or fake leather it’s so important to have a thicker sewing needle and metal thimble. First I trimmed the velcro down, especially where the snap button was going to be placed. Then I sewed it on and used the thimble to force the needle through the leather. Sewing each point of the metal snaps 3 times and fastening the thread several times before cutting it in the end. Very easy and done in just 30 min.

Looks pretty enough on the outside right? Inside not so much. But you know? My 5 year old doesn’t care, and the point that I actually mended it prevails the beauty of my stitches. I think many of us don’t try to mend becouse of the fear that it is going to look perfect. There is a lot of beauty and history in the imperfect. Another thing is that no-one will evver notice your crooked stitches. Feel proud of your mending, becouse you used of your time and you actually did it ❤ I do! Would you give mending a try?

What ya gonna do when the moth comes for you….

The Lilypad (2)

And for your favorite sweater? Cry for sure, and then throw it to the trash!

NOooooNOOOOoo. No need, it is fixable ❤

So first let me tell you a little about moths. Moths are creatures of the night spawned by demons that only eat your favorite wool and silk items or other fabrics made of protein. They are the evil and older sibling of the butterfly. They only eat your clothes during infancy, when they grow up they stop eating all together. Though some of them enjoy a sip of nectar now and then. But to continue their vicious cycle of destruction  they will lay their eggs in other beautiful pieces of fabric.


There are several ways to fix a moth whole and it depends on the material.

  1. If you have a big knitted sweater you can use the same colored yarn to fix it, I will include a link to a designer duo who is great with knit and show you how to fix your big knitted items here.
  2. You can add something on top of the whole, like a patch or if you are skilled with a needle you can make an embroidery.
  3. Add a piece of another material that has the same structure as the one that broke. Thin jersey works best with thin jersey and so on. Zigzag it together, hand stitch or use another elastic seam on your sewing machine. This is a great way if you have to patch up big wholes in your clothing.
  4. Or you can weave it together. It will not be as elastic as if you “knit it” back together. But it works better for smaller holes and very thin knitted materials. I will show you a tutorial on this method;

What you need:

  • Needle
  • Sizzors
  • Thread in matching color

Design uten navn (3)

So you see my holes, they are pretty small, but left unfixed the material will rip easily, making long stripes (so much harder to fix then). My technique is more like weaving.

You hand sew around the hole first, then tighten it a little to make the hole smaller. Then you sew up and down vertically, strengthening the material. Then you do the same horizontal.  I learned to fix wool socks from my mother with this technique 😉

Do you see where I fixed? I think it turned out pretty good even though my thread was black and not grey. The fun thing is that probably NO ONE will even notice the little uneven spot on the sleeve. You really have to have a trained eye for details to see that.


Strive for progress, not perfection


So what can you do to prevent the moth to devour the rest of your closet? 

-First you should freeze your suspected clothes. The eggs die at -8 degrees. Laundering is also an option for your pieces that can handle high temperatures. The moths do not eat fibers like cotton and bamboo or synthetics, but the eggs can hatch there and then they work their ways to the goodies by crawling. So its a good idea to wash it all.

-Deep Clean your wardrobe, they love the dirt and dust but hate soap and water. Vinegar and water also works fine. Clean your closet regularly, especially if you live in warmer climates.

-Before putting your clothes back for storage, clean them. They like old food spill, dandruff and skin particles. For longer storage put your items in cotton bags. Plastic will not let your clothes breathe and they might develop mold.

-Steer clear of mothballs, they contain a pesticide called Naphthalene. It can harm people, your pets and the environment.

Natural moth repellents;

  • Chedarwood, looses its scent and has to be replaced regularly.
  • Lavender is hated by moths for centuries. Use lavender bags or dip cotton balls in essential oil
  • Cinnamon. Replace sticks regularly. Essential oil will also work
  • Cloves also has a repellent effect.

Do NOT use: lemon, mint, eucalyptus and bay leaf essential oils (as well as the dried herbs). They actually seems to feed the moths…. 😦 

Hope you ppl liked this diy moth fixer 😉 ❤





Princess Leia move over


My buns are better than yours……

I pimped my earmuffs and they are now edible. Okay not really, but they did turn out really cute.

My earmuffs headband broke, like most things plastic. *sigh*. But instead of throwing them, I decided to fix them up. So can you easily, or you can use this as inspiration to style some earmuffs for a princess in need ❤ Old or young doesn’t matter ❤


What do you need;

  1. 1 pair of earmuffs, broken or whole 😉
  2. 1 headband (I recommend metal)
  3. Pins
  4. Lace in different sizes and color
  5. 1 sewing needle
  6. Thread to match the earmuffs
  7. Glue (that works for metal, plastic and fabric)
  8. 1 pair of scissors


1 & 2.  I started by choosing my lace. I measured the circumference of the earmuff. Then I measured the lace and added the double amount (27 cm x 2 = 54 cm). The black lace measured 6 cm in diameter, so it works great when folding it. I used my sewing machine at 4 mm and made a seam in the middle. then by just pulling one thread I fold up the fabric to 28 cm, then I placed it on the earmuff. Pinned it in place and sewed it on by hand.

3.  I repeated the procedure with a soft pink lace. But since I wanted the edge of the lace to stand more I ruffled it less than the black one, so I could get it to look more like a flower. I placed it on the earmuff and cut off the extra lace. Then pinned it in the middle of the fold in the black lace, and sewed it on by hand.

4.  Then I used a third lace in soft yellow that repeated some of the flower petal shapes in the pink lace. This lace was only 1,5 cm so I made a seam on the side of the lace that was straight. Same as with the pink lace I didn’t ruffle this one as much. Pinned it down and sewed it on.

5. Time to add the headband, before I attached it I put some glue down in the wholes. This is just to make it more durable. Then I added some stitches extra around the opening securing the headband to the muff.

6. Since the headband was used some of the paint was peeled off. I used a black permanent marker to cover that up. Then the peel marks turned invisible. JUST. LIKE. MAGIC.

Finito ❤ I saved the earmuffs from the trash and certain death.

Thx for reading. Hope you enjoyed this earmuff makeover.


Fall for the coat

FAll (2)

Due to the fact that it is actually middle of October, it is getting colder here in Norway and Winter IS coming, 4 real. Again I am a little late realizing it was time for an upgrade of the fall jacket. To be more sustainable I wanted to opt for a used option. No hunt was needed, there she was hanging at my local thrift store. A-shaped. Short length, but not to short. Big nice hoodie. Trumpet sleeves. A little abused, but still cute. Missing one button, and a couple of other loose ones. She shows clear signs of use by the pilling of the fabric. But all in all this is an easy fix.

Some of the fun with getting pre-owned clothes is that they carry stories with them. I believe this especially applies to jackets because they don’t get washed that often.  This is what I found out about the previous owner just by fixing this coat. She has long blond hair, likes trips to the woods, has petted an animal at least once, moves like a normal person, eats fish and uses toilet paper.

Fall is here!

The total time I used to get this darling in order was approx 30 min. I had an old single black and white button in the same size that I used. luckily the button lost was on the inside, so I did not really need an identical button. No need to interfere with the design, I think it looks great the way it is ❤ So I also needed to fasten two other buttons. Then I went over the whole coat with a pair of scissor, and cut off the pilling. Places to look for is under the arms, hemline, pockets, neckline and sleeves. To finish her off I went over with roll of tape to catch any hairs or loose fabric.

Fall is here! (2)

Here is some couple of things to look for when you buy a used jacket. 

-Purpose. What will you be using the jacket for? Can it work for several types of outfits? The chances for it to be used is better if it can be used with the rest of your excising wardrobe.

-Quality of the material, does it match its purpose? If it is for winter it should have some content of wool in it to keep you warm.

-Fixing. Does it need repairing? is it something you can fix your self or do you need a tailor?

I love this coat. it makes me feel like little red riding hood or one of the dark riders in lord of the rings, depending on the mood. 😂 ❤

Thx for reading. Let me know, would you dare to fall for a used jacket? (4)